Annual Eccentric Fun Shoot  - 25 yard prone 

Each year we run a fun shoot to fill in the lull between summer and winter leagues. 
The competition satrted in 1985 as a modest fund raiser towards our new club building at that time and has continued ever sinceas those that shoot in it enjoy it as a light hearted variation on our regular shooting.

Targets consists of two patterns, eccentric and animal with 2 instances of each to be shot: -


Scoring is by inward gauging,on the eccentric target bull counts as 10 and cutting the outermost ring 5. On the animal target bull counts as 10, cutting the outermost ring as 7 and anywhere else on the body area 1. Missing the target area entirely on either does not score and if there are more than 10 shots in total on any card we will score the 10 worst shots and deduct 1 point per excess shot.
“Possible’s” on the eccentric pattern are not uncommon, getting 10 “clean kills” on the animal pattern is very rare! 

Targets are printed on the back of standard 1989 pattern 25 yard cards, so they will  fit in  normal hangers. 

The timetable of the competition each year is usually : 

Early June,         entry forms sent out and entries open
End August,       entries close with cards to be shot by end of October

End November    results issued.

 Communication will be by e-mail to a nominated member of each club participating.